Table of techinical Date WL-45WV1
Design Fan / Air hose type
Color White / Black
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Dimension 595 x 595 x 200Hmm
Inner edge size (No Frame) 575 x 575 x 200Hmm
Inner edge size (Frame) 615 x 615 x 200Hmm
Ceiling embedded heigth 13cm
Exposed height 7cm
Outlet Dia. (inch) 16"
Fan Blade OD (inch) 14"
Back round hole size (inch) 10"
External duct air hose size 8"/10"
External duct air hose height 1.5"
Applicable space 10-13 m2
Noise level (dB/A) 58
Amount of wind (m3/min) / Strong 94.9
Power Consumption / Strong 33W
Energy efficiency (m3/min.W) 2.41
Weight 5KG

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