Table of techinical Date WL-CL555
Design Nano Photocatalyst Air Purification Box
Voltage 220V/50Hz (Max. 40W)
Dimension 377 x 325 x 310Hmm
Weight 7KG
Electro-static particles collected efficiency(minimum particle diameter): 80%(≦PM5)above(0.3μm)
Volatile organic compound (VOCs) removing efficiency 80% above
Double ended porcelain UV germicidal lamp efficiency : 99% above
Negative ions output : Greater than 1,236,000 ions/cc (optional accessory)
Airflow ( initial pressure drop) : 300-2000CFM (<3mmAq)
Exterior type : internal air baffle plate / pre-painted steel plate casing, the casing exposed side operation / maintenance indicator lamp and inlet / outlet vent cover diameter( 6" 8" 10" 12" )

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