LET Gives

LCD display panel & microcomputer to control, less trouble
Fully automation operations detect control and overload protection.
Ice cube is translucent, solid and pure.
Maximum efficiency and fast recovery, save time and electricity.
Elegant and stylish design.
Special care of exterior is not easily have oil stains.


Shin Jin Master Gives

The difference of technology is the difference of impression.
If you use SJM automatic dishwasher……

You can Save labor and Money !
With its rapid speed of process you can save the cost of peak time by preventing delay of work in prime time.
You can enjoy sanitary advanced-technology in kitchen.
It is designed to rinse with 82℃ high temp water and sterilize which satisfies the American NSF sterilization standard, 36 HUE.
Hence, SJM leads the advancement of sanitary kitchen.
You can Lower the breakage rate of dishes.
According to our statistics, the breakage rate of manual washing is 0.041%, however, that of SJM automatic dishwasher is 0.007%.
Therefore, it can lower the cost of dishes.


OZTI Gives

OZTI automatic glass washer, saves energy, detergent and water, the easy-to-use control panel displays temperature, operation, and fault status on the screen.



COLGED has, from the start, designed, manufactured and marketed industrial dishwashers with focus on performance, ergonomics, easy use, reliability, reduced consumption and, as a result, reduced environmental impact.



Environmentally Friendly- Can saving 6% power for air conditioning up 1℃, Average can down 2-3℃ with use the Willie fan.
Saves Energy- 220V available. Less than 52W during motor functioning. 30-40% power saved than normal e-fans.
Negative Ionized- Kills bateria, reduce odor and anti-toxic functions.
Patented- Can be connected to air conditioning ductings.
Easy to Use- Light Steel fans have 3 speeds: Strong, Medium, Weak, with timer 2/4/6 Hours.
Easy Installation- Easily installed with the extra panel.
Durable- Infrared wireless remote control is available, CE certified wiring and connector.
Selected Materials- ABS anti-static material for shell, we use Double ball bearing motor.
Saving Space- Ultra thin design: the height is only 7cm away form ceiling. Oscilatting middle fans is turnable.
Trendy- Back is sealed to isolate from ceiling. Will not absorb falling dust.

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