JACKWAH HONG KONG LIMITED Established in 2002, specializes in providing high quality stainless steel equipment in commercial kitchen. Jackwah is also the sole agent of many well-known brand names such as Malaysia brand “LET” ice making Machines, Turkey brand “OZTI” and Italian brand “COLGED ” glasswashing machines, Korean brand “SHIN JIN MASTER” dishwashing machines and Taiwan brand “WILLIE” energy saving fans and air purification system in Hong Kong & Macau.

Provide product installation and high-quality after-sales service.

EMSD Electrical Contractor Registration Number 036456


LET – Ice Making Machine

  • 100% Made in Malaysia.
  • Also offers new machine to rental services upon completion of 2 year’s rental contract, The user is entiled to own the machines free of charge.
  • Periodical free sterilizing and cleaning of ice machine for maintenance period.


SJM – Dishwashing Machine

  • 100% Made in Korea.
  • The product design is superior and reliable is really electing of the confidence.


OZTI – Glasswashing Machine

  • 100% Made in Turkey.
  • Easy Use and Reliability.


COLGED – Glasswashing Machine

  • 100% Made in Italy.
  • Easy Use and Reliability.


WILLIE -Energy Saving Fans and Air Purification System

  • 100% Made in Taiwan.
  • Multi-functional air purification system can greatly improve indoor air quality
  • Negative Ionized- Kills bateria, reduce odor and anti-toxic functions.
  • Will be able to feast with air conditioning assisted, average temperature is reduced to 2-3℃ cold air。


For the above product’s sole agent

  • Spare parts are all in stock to support good maintence services for after sales.
  • Interest free instalment scheme.
  • Free On-site visits and costs assessment prior to the installation of the machinery.


The company provides many other preferential benefit and the nimble plan tailor made for you. For more details, please contact us at 8209 0911

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